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Ensuring a healthy, germ-free environment tailored to your business's needs.


Our mobile sanitization teams will bring our powerful technology to you, for no mess disinfection with proven results.


Powered by THOR UVC

Solutions for a healthier, sustainable


Advantages of UVC

powered by Thor UVC technology

Verification Reports 

Hassle-Free Processes

Our specialized technology removes the need for messy cleanup. No sprays or toxic chemicals are used by our teams. Ever.

Once the UV lights are off, your team can feel safe knowing that all their belongings will be completely sanitized, and left untouched by our technicians.

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Verification Reports 

Only Thor UVC Technology provides instant reports to verify the disinfection

and sanitization process.


Ensure your customers and employees a safe workplace with our easy to read after action.


Emergency Services


Get your business back up and running in as little as an hour with guaranteed bacteria, virus, and mold-free environments.

Contact us to schedule your emergency sanitization consultation when you need it.

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"We have utilized Bione Sciences sanitization service several times over the past 6 months and have been very impressed with how thorough they are, their responsiveness and level of professionalism. They have responded to us each time quickly and with a "We will take care of that for you today" approach."  

Kevin O'Connor, Westfield Bank

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UVC Room Sterilization

Thor UVC technology is a mobile unit utilized for any location to disinfect and sanitize surfaces


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